Hot-melt film

Hot melt Adhesive Film

WeilLine® Hot-melt adhesive film are

  • Low temperature glue on out-layers and high temperature glue on
    middle layer
  • Good adhesive strength
  • Enhanced elasticity

Hot-melt adhesive film, a double-side adhesive film, is an adhesive material
that can be utillized in various ways for clothes.
It can be applied to the production of seamless clothes or functional shoes.
It faciliates the manufacturing process with its roll type and displays strong
adhesion and waterproof.

WeilLine® Hot-melt adhesive film은 접착력 및 내수성과 탄력성을 가지며 제품의 특수성에 맞추어 사용됩니다.
다양한 용도로 사용되며 봉제선이 없는 의류와 기능성 신발 등에 적용할 수 있습니다.

Specifications Hot-melt adhesive film

ITEM HM700 HM1000 HM1200 HM1500 HM2000 HM2000H HM350 HM380 HM3100 HM3120 HM3150
Thickness (㎛) 70 100 120 150 200 200 50 80 100 120 150
Composition Release paper & PU glue Release papers & PU glue
Color Transparent Transparent
Width 10 ~ 1,000mm 10 ~ 1,000mm
Roll Length 100M(110yd) 50M(55yd) 100M(110yd)
Features Soft Hard Soft
Pressure 0.6 ㎫ 0.6 ㎫
Temp 150 ~ 170 °C 150 ~ 170 °C
Time 10 ~ 15 sec 10 ~ 15 sec

Notice.   Depending on the type of machinery and fabric selected, some adjustment of the condition may be necessary.