WelLine® Seam sealing tape and Hot-melt film is supported
by GHM in technical production corporation with YUJINPOLYTECH

YUJINPOLYTECH developed the first seam tapes in south korea in 1990 largely contributed
to the improvement of domestic and Foreign outdoor product.

GHM corporation은 유진폴리테크와 기술연구및 생산 협력으로 WelLine® 심테이프 및 할멜트 접착 필름 제품을 공급합니다.

GHM have continued to contact research and develop ecofriendly adhesives adhesive technologies for clothing.
One of our achievements include enabling mass production of seam sealing tapes through
diffrentiated solvent-free system processing, through which we were able to cut the prodution cost and improve the product
Quality. OUr production sire is currently fully equipped with facilities for production of TPU film and Hot-melt film, coating, and
Slitting, which are essential to manufacture seam sealing tapes.

GHM also produce and sell products and instruments necessary for adhesive film and waterproof in association.
As a sustainable company focusing on creative mind and challenfe spirit.
GHM corporation alwayas makes efforts to satisfy customers and improve quality through our skills and expertise.